Namrata Ramsay, who’s each an actor and a author, says the standard of present and writing is just not as robust because it was in earlier occasions

  • How did you get into writing?

I come from a film background and right since my early years, my dad, Shyam Ramsay, encouraged me to write. When I was a child, he would narrate a story to me and make me write it in synopsis form for our TV show – Zee Horror Show. Professionally, I got into writing after my show Bani, wherein I felt that I needed to do more so I assisted Shashi Mittal and went on to co-write Deeya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus. I started enjoying the creative process after which I have done a couple of other shows.

  • What do you enjoy more – acting or writing – and why?

It’s a tough question. Let’s just say acting gives me wings to fly and writing keeps me grounded. I enjoy them equally, as both keep me going creatively.

  • Since you are open to making a comeback to acting, what kind of roles you want to do?

I have been getting calls for web shows and everything seems very fresh. In television, you don’t really have an option to pick and choose as similar kinds of characters are written most of the times. However, I would be happy to play characters that are relatable and real to some extent. It would be interesting to do a period drama.

  • Considering the current Covid situation, what changes have you incorporated in writing scripts for TV shows?

As an actor, I can understand the concerns of other actors on the sets. But when you are writing, it becomes difficult to write with so many restrictions in mind, such as social distancing. Still, we try our best to keep the new norms in mind.

  • What lesson did you learn during the pandemic?

I am not a home person at all and love being on the move constantly. I feel this pandemic made me realise the importance of small things like being at home, just being able to hug your friends and family! It made us all realise the need to be mentally and physically fit; and just slowdown in general. I utilised my time well, as I joined an online screenwriting class with Boman Irani. It was like going back to school.

I travel. Apart from that, I love reading, cycling and catching up with friends.

  • What changes have you noticed in TV industry over the years?

I feel back in the day when producers like my dad, Raman Kumar, Ajay Sinha were making shows, content-wise they were very rich because it was one person’s vision that was being followed. Today, times are different and sometimes due to so many opinions what you are actually trying to say gets lost. I see a trend of writers turning producers in television, which is great as long as the production side doesn’t consume your creative energies.

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