Nakul Tiwadi is again on TV after 5 years with the present Amma Ke Babu Ki Child on Star Bharat

What is your character in Amma Ke Babu

Ki Baby?

The concept of this show is quite interesting. It’s more focused on the boy’s family, while I am a part of the girl’s family. My character is quite different from the ones I have essayed so far. He is a pot-head, careless and jobless person, who is always busy with himself.

You were missing from TV for five years. What did you do during this break?

I have ventured into business and started my own restaurant.

Where did this idea of opening a restaurant come from?

I wanted to start my own business after my show Mohi went off air. Luckily everything started falling into place. I met the right partners, Santosh Jori, who is from the hospitality industry, Pradeep Punmiya, who comes from a business background. After working on it for a-year-and-half, we started this place called Anniyam.

What is unique about the restaurant?

Anniyam serves authentic Keralite cuisine. In fact, we have added a few dishes from Sri Lanka as well. Anniyam means unique and the array of food we offer is synonymous with that. I think this is the reason why our customers enjoy what we serve.

What are the changes that you want to see in the TV industry now that you are back?

I feel the TV industry should focus more on realistic content, as most of our audience has shifted to OTT mainly because of this reason. Audiences have become smart nowadays and won’t settle for anything but the best. Also, payments should come after 30 days and not 90 days.

What are your future plans?

As far as acting is concerned, I plan to take up more work and pursue it aggressively.

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