My journey is soul-driven: Shruti Haasan


Just the will to work with Tigmanshu Dhulia drove actress Shruti Haasan to signal the film Yaara, now out there on Zee5. The movie celebrates friendship and was shot a very long time in the past, however Shruti clearly remembers collaborating with 4 male leads in a narrative that spans three a long time. “It’s the first time I got to play a character that takes a time leap. It is almost like playing a double role. To play such a character, you have to re-invent the woman within you. It’s also the first time I played a role above my real age.”

About the digital launch of the film, Shruti has no arduous emotions. “It was shot four years ago and I really wanted people to see this movie. It’s good that now they have time to watch and recommend it to others as well.” About her position, she provides, “Sukanya, my character, is progressive and strong-willed.”

Heart’s calling

Experimental in her decisions, Shruti talks in regards to the ‘insider-outsider’ debate that has been raging after Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, “I have neither denied nor will deny that I got a break because of my surname. At the same time, I got in because I had an interest in acting. The same way, I enjoy performing on stage as a singer. I chose to take a break at the peak of my career for music. I never listened to people for they try to draw boundaries — like work in Bollywood or Down South. I never became a part of such groups to sustain my career. My journey is soul-driven.”

Shruti believes there are numerous individuals who criticise the truth that she works majorly in South-Indian films. “But why can’t I? I was born there and it’s my mother tongue, which enables me to portray good characters. Work is work, whether it’s in Mumbai or in the South. I don’t relate to the theory that working in South-Indian films makes one an outcast in Bollywood.”

Lockdown diary

Having spent the lockdown together with her cats in Hyderabad, Shruti labored on music and has two upcoming films in her kitty — Laabam in Tamil and Krack in Telugu. Talking about friendship particularly, she provides, “I always say family is what we are born into and friends are the family we can choose. I believe in this quite literally. I am still in contact with friends outside the industry; from school, childhood and even from other countries. I believe they provide me the reality check that I need; it helps me stay grounded. During the lockdown period, we all have realised how important family and friends are for us. We are celebrating this bond of friendship in Yaara.”

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