Mukul Dev seems to be again on an extended and eventful profession…

Mukul Dev has come a long way in his career in a journey of close to 25 years in the industry. Not many will know that Mukul is the writer of the Rajkumar Rao-starrer Omerta. He has some movies lined-up for release, including Kartar Singh Saraba, Sharik and Barefoot Warriors. Sharik is in Punjabi alongside Jimmy Shergill.

Mukul says, “I started at a very young age and got to work with Dilip Kumar sahab. Then there was a career as a commercial pilot, where I was doing exceedingly well. So life has been full of ups and downs.” The actor adds, “There can’t be better times to make content. I have just finished writing my second story after Omerta. It’s a story which is based on one of my father’s cases as a policeman in the Delhi police. My father was rewarded and decorated for it. Some good news would be coming soon hopefully and it will see the light of the day in 2021.

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