Mr India Plus 2021 Ashutosh’s journey is all about turning challenges into alternatives


Winning the title of Mr India Plus 2021 is not just a win but a win over many challenges for Mr India Plus 2021 Ashutosh. Hearing and speech impaired, at the first he found it impossible to compete with “normal” people. Many a time he doubted if he was good enough and each time he managed to get ahead, believing that nothing is impossible. Ashutosh’s journey is all about turning challenges into opportunities.

“My never-say-die attitude gave me the courage to participate in a beauty pageant for plus size models,” says Ashutosh, who in the talent session acted the problems and traumas of a farmer’s life moving his audience to tears by his silent acting.

Diagnosed with hearing and speaking problems early in his childhood, Ashutosh’s mother gave up her career to build her son’s. His parents’ relentless efforts made his schooling possible in the normal education system. He is an alumnus of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, Hansraj College, Delhi University and IIM Lucknow. “It may seem like a miracle to many, but it is the result of countless sleepless nights of my parents and some really good souls I met in this journey of life.”

An MBA from IIM Lucknow, he gave up many opportunities in the corporate world and is pursuing his passion that lies in modelling and acting. “Be it plus size modelling or normal modelling, I believe it is more about accepting your body type. You cannot copy someone and become a success. Plus size modelling has reinstated this feeling that when you accept your body type, you are more confident and passionate about your life’s greater purposes.”

Apart from the fashion world, Ashutosh wants to steer youngsters to a better life. “We criticise a lot but the world needs appreciation more than ever to build a sustainable society. Now, people recognise me as a person who is always smiling and they ask how someone can be so happy all the time. It is because every time I achieve a milestone, rather than stopping, I stretch my limits further.”

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