Movies which have captured the class-caste-gender discrimination in society

Films are not just a medium for entertainment anymore. Over the years, they have broken many stereotypes and made people aware of various issues. Discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion or gender has always existed in society and while we continue our fight against it, films have largely contributed in spreading awareness about discrimination that people face.

Today on Zero Discrimination Day, let’s revisit films that addressed the inequities in our society:

Fighting spirit: Article 15

As various cases of caste-based crimes continue to happen, director Anubhav Sinha’s 2019 film Article-15 seems to be even more relevant than ever. Ayushman Khurana plays a police officer trying to solve a dastardly crime committed against two Dalit girls.

Pushed to the corner: The White Tiger

Unchecked privilege can be corrosive and social and economic inequities can often have devastating consequences. The White Tiger, directed by Ramin Bahrani, addresses systemic injustices as well as casual caste and class-based cruelties that de-humanise the less privileged among us. It also shows disturbingly what can happen when human-beings are pushed too far.

Love & caste: Dhadak

Set in Rajasthan, Dhadak explores a love story having protagonists deal with issues like caste division and honor killings. Torn between society and their families, Madhukar and Parthavi’s fate gets uncertain.

Regional bias: Axone

Set in a New Delhi neighbourhood, Axone explores how a simple act of trying to cook a Naga dish subjects a bunch of young migrants to discrimination. Directed by Nicholas Kharkongor, the film uses the smell of an unfamiliar dish as a trigger to expose deep-rooted prejudices.

Of white supremacy: Get Out

Get Out is simply the personification of the sentiment ‘I wish people loved black people as much as they love black culture’. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut turns white supremacy into a horror flick as the film’s premise is what happens when a black man goes to visit his white girlfriend’s seemingly liberal parents.

Patriarchy too!: Parched

This 2015 Leena Yadav-directorial tells the story of four rural women dealing with poverty, gender-based violence and patriarchy.

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