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Dharma Productions released an official statement on Friday evening announcing lead actor Kartik Aaryan’s exit from Dostana 2. Reacting to the news, Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter and slammed the production house and Karan Johar alleging nepotism. Kangana also compared Kartik Aaryan’s position with late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

The actress tweeted, “Kartik has come this far on his own, on his own he will continue to do so, only request to papa jo and his nepo gang club is please leave him alone like Sushant don’t go after him and force him to hang himself. Leave him alone you vultures, get lost chindi nepos.” She continued, “Kartik, no need to be scared of these chillars…. after doing nasty articles and releasing announcements blaming only your attitude for fall out this moron wants to maintain a dignified silence. They spread same stories of drug addiction and unprofessional behaviour for SSR also.” Meanwhile, Karan Johar unfollowed Kartik on social media.

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