Micckie Dudaaney praises social media

Amid all the discussion around the negatives of social media there are many positives too, says Micckie Dudaaney. The Chotti Bahu actor says, “I think the positive side of social media is you get connected with the people who you were not connected earlier or lost touch for a long time. Like I had lost contact with my school and college friends, and found them on Facebook. When I went to Delhi we had a reunion again, all thanks to social media. Now we are in touch with each other. You also get to know so much about what is happening around you or in the world via social media. That again is helpful,” he says.

Dudaaney is on social media, but says he is bad at handling it. “If you see my social media accounts, I have a very few followers. I follow few friends, family and may be just few actors. I am not really much into social media. I don’t post every day,” he confesses.

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