Meeta and Vikas Mehra imagine in giving one another the liberty for private development

Gurnaaz Kaur

Meeta Mehra is the chairperson FICCI FLO, Amritsar chapter. That’s not all! She is also the founder and owner of Diving Chocolate Factory. Vikas Mehra on the other hand runs a real estate company called Realtech with his brother and they have built some of the finest apartments in Amritsar. These two successful entrepreneurs work towards bringing out the best in each other… a companionship they cherish.

College sweethearts

Meeta Mehra: We met in 1988 at Delhi University. He asked me out on a date and I refused till he sat down on the road with a rose in his hand, which pretty much left me with no choice but to say yes.

Vikas Mehra: She has been with me since 1988.

Partners for life

M: From being friends to business partners for five years, it was clear that we would make excellent life partners as well and decided to tie the knot in 1993.

V: I realised early on that I could not even think of spending my life with anyone else.

It only gets better

M: Life after marriage got even better. It gave me two wonderful kids, a happy joint family home. I started my new business and lots more.

V: I would say the same, life has changed for better.

Living together is

M: Sharing life with your best friend is always filled with so much action and excitement. We never have a dull day.

V: We are each other’s pillar of strength and both of us being strong personalities can have its challenges too.

Two is company

Both: We both love to travel, talk shop, watch movies and shows, eat out at highly recommended restaurants worldwide and more.

Wish to change

M: His nail-biting habit.

V: My wife has a ‘please all syndrome’, I would like to change that a bit.

Annoying part

M: He just won’t hear a word I say when the TV is on.

V: She is always on her phone.

To free time

Both: Whenever there is time, we binge watch our favourite TV shows, listen to our playlist, cook on an open fire pit in nice weather and entertain friends at home.

Couple goals

M: Travel and see the world together, to lose some weight and be fit

V: We are achieving them one at a time.

Wow factor

M: Vikas plays all the roles to perfection, be it of a husband, son, father, brother, he is an exceptional man with the most amazing qualities.

V: Her zest for life and being at ease and centre of attraction on any occasion.

To make a marriage work

M: It needs trust, faith, love and compassion.

V: Giving mutual respect and freedom for personal growth, not to control each other’s life.

Secret to happy married life

M: Accepting and appreciating each other as a package and unconditional support for one another.

V: Being spontaneous.

Space sake

Both: Space is the key to any successful relationship.

Separate bedrooms vs separate vacations

M: Sleeping in separate bedrooms is a red flag and a big no-no; it reflects trouble in paradise. Separate vacation with your girl/guy friends is a great idea and all couples should do that once in a while.

V: Separate bedrooms absolutely no, separate vacation with our own friends group is perfectly fine.

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