Meet the meals bloggers from the area


Internet is still trying to get over the food trends of 2020 -Dalgona coffee, banana bread, pancake cereal, Maggie omelet, mug cake and more – which kept us sane during the lockdown! Thanks to the food bloggers from the region who kept it all lively for their followers. They share their thoughts on the work they do and how they have adapted to the new normal.

Chef’s opinion

A graduate in hotel management, Amritsar-based Abhishek Sharma’s journey of food blogging started in 2018. He says, “Being a chef, I have a passion for trying and tasting different kinds of dishes. There are some cuisines which don’t get much limelight, so I decided to share about the spots where people could explore such variety.”

As for his inspiration, he says, “My inspiration has always been me, from the time I started to cook! I guess my followers and people who appreciate me have been very supportive. My work has become much harder because they believe in me so much.” Although he loves all eateries in Amritsar, he recommends Shakes Hub, Ashok Kulcha and Wholemeal.

Not just business

Jalandhar resident and a businessman Dushant Arora has been blogging about food for more than a year. He says, “Earlier I wasn’t aware that such a thing exists. I gave it a try and here I am with more than 3k followers and getting likes from almost 13k Instagrammers! I just keep two points in my mind – authenticity and consistency.” For Dushant it has always been about showcasing unexplored and underrated places, but now he is working on expanding the reach of his page.

A big foodie

“Since childhood I have been a big fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan and was inspired by her character ‘Poo’, so I started with fashion blogging. Later, I realised my true happiness was in food because I am a big foodie. Since then, I have become an entrepreneur,” says Seerat Narula, who hails from Amritsar. She adds, “I started food blogging when I got a chance to work with the very famous YouTuber, Sonny, whose YouTube page, Best Ever Food Review Show, has more than 5.5 million subscribers.”

Talking about the altered scenario, she adds, “Honestly lockdown was a tough time for me, a whirlpool of emotions. I missed restaurants and bakeries, but I didn’t give upon food. I cooked what I wanted to eat. I also shared a few recipes that I had tried out myself and a few inspired by others.”

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