Meet Manit Joura’s furry buddy, Bella

Manit Joura, who is currently busy with two popular shows, Prem Bandhan and Kundali Bhagya, has a lovely pet dog Bella with whom Manit shares a very close bond. The actor says, “I have always been with nature and animals. I believe animals are the most intelligent creatures and every now and then they surprise me also. Right now I have Bella; she is adorable and a baby to me. Bella waits for me at the main door every day. She knows exactly when I will come back from the sets. After coming back, the first 30 minutes I reserve for her. Her warmth, her love is unconditional.”

Manit adds, “In Mumbai I never had a pet before Bella because I was always busy travelling. Having a pet is a responsibility and I can never neglect a life. I am attached to the stray dogs a lot. Whenever they need any medical attention I am always there. Just before the lockdown, Bella came into my life and this month she will turn one.”

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