Meet India’s culinary pioneers within the present Reconnect on CNN

While many are not travelling during the pandemic, an international community of Indian chefs is championing the many tastes of India from afar — by bringing the food of their hometowns to some of the world’s finest restaurants. A 30-minute-special on December 26 at 4.30 pm on CNN, delves into this rich and diverse nation through the eyes and dishes of India’s culinary pioneers! The show is titled Reconnect. For chef Palash Mitra, cooking Bengali fish curry or macher jhol is the one thing that never fails to take him back to his hometown, Kolkata.

In a village just outside Chandigarh, chef Jessi Singh grew up living the true farm-to-table experience. CNN learns how the now Melbourne-based chef is bringing this fresh philosophy to his family of restaurants.

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