Meera roots for Jasmin in Bigg Boss

Meera Deosthale has been rooting for her friend Jasmin Bhasin since the day she entered the reality show Bigg Boss. Expressing her disagreement as people called Jasmin as fake, she said, “Jasmin is a fun-loving girl, she is chilled out, but she is not someone who will shy away from speaking her mind. She speaks in people’s face, and the housemates can’t take that, and I think that’s their problem and not hers. She is as real and as clear as anyone can be. She has tried to be cordial with everyone in the house, and has apologised if she has hurt anyone’s feelings, I don’t think it’s easy to say sorry to someone, how many people do that in real life, and she is doing it on national TV.” Meera wishes to see Jasmin in the finale.

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