Meditation helps me: Zebby Singh

  • What kind of response have you received for your role so far?

The love that Param is getting is more than expected. I feel humbled. I guess they like the tadka my character adds to the narrative.

  • How much do you relate to Param?

Param is a happy-go-lucky Punjabi munda, who is married to a South-Indian girl. I relate to the role quite a lot.

  • Do you take your character home?

Given the similarities between Param and me, at times it becomes difficult to move out of the character even after the shooting gets over. But meditation helps me return to my original self after a busy schedule.

  • How has been the association with producers Sonali Jaffar and Amir Jaffar?

Sonali ma’am and Amir sir have this knack of choosing the perfect story and complementing the title. They are wonderful people. They are the ones who gave me the break, I have immense trust and respect for both.

  • If not an actor, what would you have been and why?

I would have been a doctor because I have always wanted to help people.

  • Viewers are shifting from TV to OTT. What do you think is the prime reason?

I think there should be more youth-oriented shows on the small screen to get viewers back from OTT. Seasons’ format also works better. On TV too, content is king. It is just that most of them are family dramas, and we need to think beyond that.

  • Who is the actor you look up to and why?

I’m a big-time fan of Al Pacino and I can give over 100 reasons why I just love him. Creativity lies within, we need to focus and explore our inner self to excel in the art of acting. Al Pacino does that. I would like to be like him one day.

  • What do you have to say about the current pandemic situation?

It is getting scary every day, but we are following all the safety measures.

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