Mark of respect

Singer OyeKunaal is fond of getting tattooed. So much so that he already has nine tattoos inked on him! However, one tattoo stands out from the others as it is the name of a celebrity. Oyehas got Kapil Sharma’s name inked on his hand. In a grand gesture, the singer is proud to flaunt his love and respect for Kapil Sharma, whose name stands synonymous with top-notch comedy.

Sharing an interesting story behind the love, Oye says, “There was a phase in my life when my father was suffering from a lot of health issues. At that time the atmosphere in my house was very grim and dark. So, we used to watch Kapil Sharma’s show on repeat mode. His show’s laughter and positivity helped, and my father started responding to medicines. Eventually I came to Mumbai, I met Kapil paaji and developed a good bond. This tattoo is a reminder of the reality of my life. The day I made my father meet Kapil paaji, I felt as if I had achieved everything in life.”

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