Loads of actors are flaunting moustaches on display. Right here’s a glance…

Assertive is the word
Rrahul Sudhir in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Aggression as a word has a slightly negative connotation attached to it, so I would rather say a moustache makes you look assertive. Off screen it is generally a beard because I am too lazy to shave, but on screen I really want to be without a beard, at least for now.

Tough task
Sudhanshu Pandey in Anupamaa

For me, moustache and beard signify one’s identity. I am keeping a moustache for my role as Vanraj Shah in Anupamaa because it goes with the character. Beard and moustache do represent dominance and aggression. Personally, I prefer being clean-shaven because keeping a beard and a moustache is a tough task!

Suit yourself
Shehzada Dhami in Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Facial hair is something that anyone can keep, but it doesn’t suit everyone; also, not everyone can carry it. One should always opt for a look that suits their face. For me, I think it went quite well with my face. On TV I feel if someone keeps a moustache and a beard, the character is either always sad or angry.

Macho personality
Sharad Malhotra in Naagin 5

Facial hair makes you look very macho; it adds a lot of intensity to your personality. It gives you a certain amount of weight. I grew a moustache for my character of Maharana Pratap, which was also very manly. During the lockdown, my hair and beard grew; so when I went to meet the creators of the show, my look was perfect for the role.

It’s trendy!
Avinash Mukherjee in Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

I think moustaches and beards have become a trend now, well-accepted in mainstream entertainment industry. It represents a little bit of maturity, gives shape to your entire personality and your face looks good with it.

Feel of authority
Hiten Tejwani in Gupta Brothers

My show Gupta Brothers is based in Benaras and in families there, if you have someone elderly then a moustache gives him that feel of authority. And my character Shiv Narayan Gupta is the eldest one in the family, so it goes well.

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