Lizaa Malik takes to Tabata yoga

Lizaa Malik is always looking for newer ways to stay fit. We hear that Lizaa has taken to Tabata yoga to push her fitness game up. She earlier had tried mixed-martial arts, zumba, weight training and yoga.

Tabata yoga is a mix of multiple yoga asanas with a form of high intensity interval training. It requires an individual to work out for 20 seconds and rest for 10.

Lizaa says, “Tabata yoga combines the traditional values and ethos of yoga and mixes it up with the modern-day knowledge of interval training. It’s changing me in so many ways. The mind-set game has gone stronger now. Yoga is by far the most potent form of workout for me. It has really helped me to stabilise my mind. It was time to mix it up and Tabata yoga is an absolute killer of a workout. Give it a try and see the change is all I can say.”

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