Literature helps us develop, says Marathi actress Bhargavi Chirmuley

You will be seen playing a key role in Mere Sai. Do you feel a sense of extra responsibility?

First of all, I am delighted to be a part of this beautiful show, which educates the audience with life lessons and I feel it’s Sai Baba’s best gift for me, since I tie rakhi to Sai Baba.

Tell us about your character in the show?

I am essaying the character of Chandra Borkar, who is like Sai Baba’s sister and has two kids. Her story is a real story and I consider myself very fortunate to play this wonderful role.

What, according to you, is the relevance of this track in today’s time?

This track will highlight the hardships women face in society. It specifically sheds light on women who are abandoned by men and their families. In simple terms, I would say that the relevance of this track is to make people realise the value of women.

Tushar Dalvi, who plays the lead, and you have done theatre. Have you worked together in the past?

I call him dada, and I guess that describes our bond. We have worked together for two Marathi serials, and I am always willing to work with him. He is a wonderful co-actor, an amazing human being and a pure soul who always spreads positivity and wisdom.

What changes do you see in the Marathi entertainment industry now?

Every regional entertainment industry has evolved a lot. The makers really focus on the technicalities. Also, since literature has been given a lot of importance in the Marathi industry, I feel that it really helps an actor to grow.

How would you sum up your career?

From a child artiste to being a Marathi actress, I have always seen my career as an ECG graph, which reflects positivity and motivates me to work harder.

As an actor do you fear getting typecast?

I guess it (fear or phobia) is in everyone, but what matters is how to overcome it. And that is very important because then only you can give your best. So, I give all my attention to performing, and I leave the rest to the audience.

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?

I believe that inspiration always starts from home. For me, my mom, my dad and my grandfather are my inspirations. It would not have been easy for me to reach this stage without their support.

How has the pandemic changed your life?

The pandemic has changed us a lot. It has reminded us that each person — rich or poor — is equal in the eyes of nature. It has taught us that our home is the only place that can keep us safe. I feel we should all take it in a positive way and simply respect all that we have.

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