Life is music, says Indian-American actress Aneesha Madhok

Tell us about your singing debut with Dil Mangdi…

I am so grateful to Jasbir Jassi and T-Series for launching me. Since I am fluent in Farsi, I wrote the lyrics in Farsi. The song has a very groovy Punjabi and middle-eastern feel to it. It was shot in Goa and I am happy that I get to showcase my talent as an actress, dancer, singer and writer through this music video.

How was it working with Jasbir Jassi?

I remember his song Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di was so popular when I was a kid. I’m so nostalgic that I get to relive my childhood by performing in his latest music video. It was wonderful working with him.

Singing and acting, how different are these two arts from your point of view?

I see myself as a performer. For me, acting, dancing, comedy, singing, poetry and writing are the same thing. My soul loves to express, as I am very sensitive and feel everything deeply. So, for me singing and acting are two ways of expression.

What do you think of the current music scene in India?

I think in India we need to feature more singers in their own music videos. I think it’s time. Even if the songs are a part of movies, there should be separate videos which feature the singers. I think the music video era is coming back. I used to be glued to MTV as an 11-year-old and here we are 10 years later as the music scene makes a comeback.

Is this the first time you have performed in a musical?

Not exactly. I did musical theatre and I believe singing is a beautiful way for me to express my emotions. I have also been writing poetry since I was 11.

Do you feel music videos are a good way of storytelling?

Music videos indeed are a fabulous way of storytelling, as they are short and sweet. They can be a conglomeration of different art forms.

The trend of music videos is back. What’s your take?

Yes, I think the music video era is back and I’m so excited about it.

How important is music in your daily routine?

Life is music. Every sound is music for me.

What’s next in the pipeline?

I will soon be making my Hollywood debut with Bully High.

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