Lengthy breaks don’t rely, says actor Salim Diwan

  • Making a comeback after five long years, do you think audience will be able to relate to you?

I don’t think number of years count in such cases. If they like you, even if you return after a decade they will come to see you at the theatres.

  • What did you do during this break time?

Acting is my passion and I also have my business running successfully. So I was busy with business and kept preparing myself.

  • What is your upcoming movie Aliya Basu Gayab Hai all about?

It is a thriller and when I heard about this character, I knew I wanted to essay this one. I hope people like my work.

  • What is your character in the movie?

I cannot reveal much about the character right now, but I play someone who has an intense vision and passion for something that he does. Since there are limited characters in the film, the one that I play has come out really well.

  • With only three characters in the film, was there any pressure to perform?

If you know your character well enough and understand its intensity, then other things don’t matter. If you feel the pressure you are in a constant battle with your mind, body and heart. I wanted to play this role with full confidence and that is what I did.

  • How was your experience working with Vinay Pathak?

He is an amazing actor. I learnt a lot from him. The best part about him is that he never makes you realise how experienced he is. He makes you very comfortable.

  • As an actor, state a few things which are always a priority for you?

Delivering the best that you can is a priority for any actor. Convincing the audience with a power-packed performance is what matters the most.

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