‘Know your limits & defy them’

Poonam Bindra

Jalandhar-lad Himanshu Bhardwaj has been in the entertainment industry for over eight years, having worked in various television shows. He is also acting in Pollywood movie Bol Mere Kukda Kukdu Ghadoon and is all set to release a Punjabi single soon. Let’s get up close and personal with the Punjabi boy …

Push yourself

There is no fitness mantra. It is very simple and logical— Know your limitations and then defy them. I feel it is essential to push myself to achieve my goals and hence from regular yoga to hard exercises, I push myself to do it all.

For a happy life

Fitness is important as it heals the mind and body. I do yoga every morning which keeps me active throughout the day. Workout releases stress, keeps me fit, boosts my metabolism, ensures better digestion and brings positive energy. So many benefits for a happy and successful life, so why not?

Oh! This lockdown

The lockdown has been a very hard teacher. I was stressed out. Only yoga and meditation eased all the tension during that period. It taught me to remain calm and control my restlessness.

Feel-good factor

Cardio training is the best way to get healthy skin. Cardio exercises help you regulate all parts of your body and hence all impurities from the body are removed and that gives a glow to the skin.

Diet the main hero

I make it a point to eat healthy food. I take salad most of the time, green tea once in a day and 10-12 glasses of water. I try not to eat anything after 9 pm.

Mom’s cooking is the best

I love my mother’s dishes. In case I want to binge, I tell her to make something special for me.

Start now

For all my friends and colleagues I suggest—Start now, this is the time. Avoid stress, enjoy life, eat healthy, train hard and live happily.

Stay motivated

Yes, I feel your attitude matters a lot. A positive attitude will give you the motivation to attain your goals.

Patience is a virtue

I strongly feel that anybody who keeps on trying with dedication will surely be rewarded with the positive outcome. A fit physique is not achieved overnight.

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