Kangana talks about ‘Nepo Mafia’; Taapsee Pannu shares outdated clip of Ranaut defending star youngsters

New Delhi, July 22

Actress Kangana Ranaut has lashed out with sturdy phrases at what she refers to because the Nepo Mafia of Bollywood, saying it has dismantled the ambitions of upcoming actors and struggling outsiders.

Kangana, who has constantly voiced her views on the premature demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has overtly spoken about favouritism within the Hindi movie trade in direction of the star youngsters, by the “gangs” of Bollywood, which she has usually tagged as “movie mafia” and “Suicide Gang” of the trade.

Opening up on the topic, Kangana advised IANS: “Well, for now, it has taken a life, many careers… it has just dismantled the very ambition of upcoming actors and struggling outsiders. It has caused a lot of damage. How to dismantle it? We need to talk about it. In many ways, it will prepare outsiders.” 

She added: “Eventually, when a single human being—talented, extraordinary, genius—is suppressed to death and killed systematically for petty egos, for petty gains, the offenders don’t have a happily-ever-after. It’s not a world they are rewarded for,” she stated.

Kangana feels a “collective consciousness” has woken up and other people at the moment are questioning the star system that victimises outsiders.

“Like I had said, we don’t want them to be hanged but they can also not sail through it,” she stated of the ‘film mafia’.

The actress recalled that she was shocked essentially the most when she learn an obituary for Sushant by filmmaker Karan Johar, whom she known as “intolerant” in direction of outsiders and has referred to a “flagbearer of nepotism” who solely backed trade youngsters.

“I mean is he (Karan) planning to make another victim like that? I was shocked. So, they are preparing to continue with this ganging up on individuals, and he is pretty sure that he will face more people like that and at that time he may just reach out to that person,” she stated.

Kangana careworn that the scenario wants to finish.

“I mean, this is so shameless. This needs to stop. They have gotten away from a murder unaffected. So, this is what it will take to dismantle their egos, their control and the fact that they think that money can buy everything, and they are drunk with the power they acquired from their fathers. This will take collective voices of people to dismantle that,” she stated.

Kangana lately spoke concerning the foyer tradition prevalent within the Hindi movie trade, after which numerous outdated movies of the actress speaking about star youngsters within the trade began doing the rounds on social media.

Actress Taapsee Pannu shared one such throwback video of Kangana, the place she was seen defending star youngsters and their privilege on Twitter. 

Kangana claims she predicted all of it: “So, people are digging up my old interviews. I had already predicted that this is what they will do. Even last time when I had raised my concern about the suppression of outsiders in 2016, the whole system attacked me.” 

“But you notice here also that they are not letting A-listers get affected. The A-listers that the Nepo Mafia promotes are tucked away safely. They are only sending these people who have only and only to lose—these outsiders who are struggling, who are star-struck by the glamour and the power of the movie mafia.” Kangana agrees that everybody needs to be “accepted”.

“I do not see it as a negative thing but I can assure you they (Nepo Mafia) will never accept them (outsiders). They will only lose in this,” she stated.

The movies doing the rounds are virtually a decade outdated, stated Kangana, who ventured into Bollywood in 2006 with “Gangster”.

“They are going (sharing videos that are from) 12 years ago. I started 14 years ago, so clearly, I had a very slow launch. After my launch I was jobless for a significant time,” she recalled.

She careworn that she had many issues to sort out and that the “nepotism mafia came my way majorly.” 

“I was ill-treated and for me, the only major difference I had seen was that I was very often humiliated for being an outsider, and the producers would yell at me. They would abuse me, the director would misbehave with me, but I also thought that this was because of the smalltown background and I couldn’t speak in English,” she stated.

Kangana feels it was additionally as a result of she was a teen when she stepped into Bollywood.

“I couldn’t slot what it was and I still say that it was a combination of many things. Had I have been from a fancy city or maybe an NRI, I think I would’ve been treated better,” she stated.

It was after the success of her movie “Queen” in 2014 that Kangana began to really feel folks had been ganging up towards her.

“The major opposition I faced was when I became successful in 2014 and that’s when I started to see the ganging up of enormous proportion. These people are doing (sharing videos) exactly what I had predicted. (They) have simply exposed themselves and it’s nothing but heartbreaking,” she stated.

Kangana says nepotism grew to become “fatal” after expertise companies and manufacturing homes joined arms.

“Nepotism was at some point just about loving your own. It was about being comfortable with people having a lot more passionate engagement with the ones that are bound by blood relationships. All that is human nature. I also worked as a director, you hit it off really great with some people you meet. The likeness has its comfort when it comes to the creative partnership as well,” she stated.

Things are altering, although, in accordance with Kangana. “You won’t go as far as destroying and ruining somebody just because you have a certain likeness for your child, son, sister, brother or friend. It was limited to that kind of nepotism until the talent agencies came in and it all became about contracts. So, whoever has put money on you, they benefit hugely with these events in your life.” 

“So, when talent agencies combined with powerful production houses, it became a toxic combination for talented extraordinary outsiders. That is where it has become fatal. That is where it has become absolutely suffocating, absolutely mafia-like because now money is involved,” she summed it up. IANS

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