Jasmin Bhasin, who made an exit from the Bigg Boss home, shares her expertise

  • What were your first thoughts after being evicted?

The only thought in my mind was that Aly Goni should not come out because he was already out once. He should play the game till the end.

  • Did you expect to come out at this stage?

Rubina, Abhinav and I have completed 100 days. Aly came a bit late but he won people’s heart with his game. I had told Abhinav that either he or I would be evicted.

  • How will you sum up your journey inside the BB house?

I would say I was a misfit for Bigg Boss. The show’s format is such that you are being pulled down every moment. I am a very sensitive and emotional person. It was a journey of ups and downs, but now when I am back home I have realised I have become calm and patient. I can cook, wash utensils, clean bathrooms and wash clothes.

  • One thing which you are missing?

What I am missing right now is Aly’s face. In the morning he was the first person I used to see.

  • After your parents went for the family week and the conversation they had with you, Aly got upset. What had happened?

My parents were completely misunderstood. What they had said was all related to the game. It was nothing related with Aly personally. They have no problem with him. They are happy for me. I have taken the decision for my life. Falling in love is such a beautiful feeling. My parents feel Aly is too good for me.

  • Are you getting married to Aly?

My parents and I are ready. Aly’s parents are too sweet and so is his sister Ilham. Before this, we were friends for two-and-a-half years. Let’s wait for Aly to come out and then my parents will meet his parents and decide our wedding.

  • When did you realise that you’re in love?

We were always best of friends. Personally, I was always scared to be in a romantic relationship. Because with Aly my life was always full of happiness. And I never wanted to compromise that. And in a relationship, problems happen. But during our stint in Bigg Boss house we both realised our love for each other. We accepted it.

  • How will you define your relationship with Rakhi Sawant now?

I used to fight for her, but she hurt me by making a wrong accusation. I will never forget that. She has a different way of playing the game which I don’t support but there is no hatred. I will meet her nicely and if I get a chance to work with her I will do that also.

  • You are back to a life of comfort and luxury. How was your first day?

I ate my favourite chhole bhature and mutton biriyani.

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