I’ve no social life, says Bhanu Uday Goswami

What kind of feedback have you got for Rudrakaal?

It has been fantastic. After my first show Special Squad, I have taken a specific decision to not repeat myself; otherwise, I would have been a very one-dimensional boring kind of an actor. I have taken up the role in Rudrakaal with a fresh approach and am happy that my fans loved it.

How are you utilising this lockdown period?

I keep telling people that I have been living in lockdown for the last 15 years because my life revolves around my work. I have no social life. When the first lockdown happened, I knew what to do in my free time. An actor has to utilise the free time with himself and ensure that he goes back to the sets fresh.

Shoots are on hold at the moment. How has this affected you?

Not much. After the first lockdown was relaxed, I finished my three projects.

What motto have you followed in your career?

Keep working and keep improving your work and in that process, you keep attracting good people. I just think of being an artiste.

What is your focus now as an actor?

Focus was always on doing good work. I am lucky that I have set a good foundation. I feel this is the best phase of my career.

Whom are you inspired by in life?

Two persons who have inspired me over the years are Ramkrishna Paramhansha and Swami Vivekananda. Being spiritual has been a big part of my life andmostly spiritual leaders are my inspiration.

What do you do in your free time?

My children and my wife take away all my free time! Apart from that, I am a yoga person, which keeps me fit. And a lot of time goes into meditation.

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