I’ve developed as an actor, says mannequin and actress Onima Kashyap

  • How did you bag this show?

I had to go through the long audition process and it wasn’t easy, since my director asked me to re-audition for the role and told me to keep my performance very real. So, I tried to be really honest with the character and reacted the way I would react in my real life.

  • What is your character in the show?

I am playing Tanvi in the series.She is a modern girl who hails from Indore; she is vocal and cannot stand injustice. The traits of Tanvi are similar to what I am in real life.

  • How was the experience of working on a web show for the first time?

I got to learn a lot on the sets. I have evolved as an actor.

  • What is your take on the rising popularity of OTT platforms?

It is great for upcoming actors since a lot of content is now been generated.

  • How was it working with Zakir Khan?

He is one of the most-loved comedians in India and I was really excited when I got the part. It was very easy to work with him; we used to have a lot of fun on the sets.

  • Zakir is known for his comic timing; did you get any special tips while shooting?

His actions were enough to bring out funny reactions from me in any scene, so I never had to put any efforts; it was all spontaneous. There is lot of banter between our characters.

  • With so many web shows being launched these days, how do you define a good show?

I feel the show should be relevant enough to cater to the masses. The characters should be built in a way that people should relate to them.

  • What are your future plans?

To act in films.

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