I’ve by no means struggled, says actor Saurabh Sachdeva

How has your journey been so far?

My journey has been fruitful and exciting. It has indeed been a roller-coaster ride and I have always enjoyed it. I have never struggled. And people are quite surprised and upset to know it because a lot of the time they want to hear sob stories!

Do you feel having a theatre background helps an actor?

Yes; a lot. This is because theatre is an actor’s medium and film is a director’s medium. Director has all the power to show what he wants on screen, while on stage the actors have all the power. Stage opens your imagination and it’s definitely a fulfilling experience. It works with every tool an actor has — from his voice to body language to many unseen things.

How was it working with Barry John?

He is my mentor. My personal understanding from Barry John is that theatre should be introduced from the school level. I remember when I met him first as an actor in a studio, he was sitting on the floor. He was listening to us and was making notes. He used to teach us in a playful manner. I really loved his personality.

What are your criteria for taking up a role?

The storyline is important and the passion of the character should drive me. And also the director should give me the freedom that I need.

What do you dream for the future?

I want to direct a proper film in the future. I have directed a lot of plays, but would like to do a film now. It’s a big task like managing an orchestra!

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