It’s tremendous to indulge your self on occasion, however steadiness it out if you wish to keep match, says mannequin Sovy Kaur

Poonam Bindra

Ludhiana-based model Sovy Kaur has been the face of various brands, ranging from jewellery to apparel to beauty product. She has also anchored live shows and a television programme called Punjabi Tadka. She loves hitting the gym and also sketching.. A foodie, Sovy is happy to share her fitness fundas.

Make up your mind

It is just a question of making up your mind. Once that is done, you are halfway through.

Make fitness a reason

Both physical and psychological fitness are of utmost importance in life. You have to be mentally fit to perform physical duties and vice- versa. Our attitude towards life is affected by our fitness level. Make fitness a reason to live a happy and active life.

Whenever, wherever

If I do not have the time to go to the gym, I work out at home or go for cycling. Balancing out is the key. Whatever you do, you have to balance it out always. If you eat a cupcake, you run a few extra miles.

Those last few months…

There were days when I just lazed around, but there was this voice in my head which kept saying ‘focus, get up and work out’. Also, like everyone I ate home-cooked food during the lockdown.

Variety is the key

Cardio exercises like running and cycling are the best. Yoga is also good. Drink a lot of water to flush out toxins. I do not believe in the concept of a beach-perfect body. Be happy with your body. Fitness is not about having a perfectly shaped body.

Eat right

Diet should not mean ‘skipping meals, eating less or not eating carbs or sweets.’ In fact, it should be about eating right, taking a healthy amount of food and eating carbs in moderation. A good diet can help you lead an active and healthy life. Go for a balanced diet.

Aye for cheat meals

I do binge once in a while. I love having pizzas though I go for a thin crust with more vegetables. I also like eating chicken. I feel it is a good source of protein and hence keeps you fuller for a longer time.

Stay focused

Focus on your goal. Keep a dress you want to fit into as a source of motivation. It is going to push you towards your goal. Remember, you just need to make up your mind and keep up the determination.

No excuses

Be goal-oriented and not excuse-oriented!

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