It’s a household celebration for many celebs on this New Yr Eve

Gurnaaz Kaur

Despite the previous months having been difficult, there is a lot to be thankful about. So, as we ease into 2021 and turn our back on 2020, it calls for a little celebration. Do it in style, like how these celebrities are bidding adieu to 2020.

Family is a priority for Swara Bhaskar and she has it all chalked out. “I plan to ring-in the New Year with an intimate family holiday with my extended family at a gorgeous fort-hotel in Rajasthan. This pandemic has made me realise the importance of the family and loved ones. I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2021.”

Family time

 Himansh Kohli

We last saw her in Ludo, opposite Abhishek Bachchan. For Asha Negi, “New Year’s Eve is just going to be about some friends, good food and lots of fun.” The actress wants to focus on health and give as much as she can to her family.

It’ll be fair to call actress Evelyn Sharma a globetrotter, as she spends each New Year’s Eve at a different place. This time is going to be no different, but rather special! “I’m going to spend New Year’s Eve with friends and family in Brisbane this year! When I was 18, I made a resolution to spend New Year’s Eve at different places each year. This year is extra-special because I will spend it with my fiancé Tushaan and our puppy Coco!”

Adds actress Sneha Namanandi, “I am going to stay with my family for the New Year’s Eve. That’s what I mostly do. Even if I step out for partying with my friends, I wish my mother first and my family. This time because of the curfew, I will stay back with family and chill with them.”

For singer Shilpa Rao, gratitude and hope are the emotions with which she will welcome the New Year. “After the unimaginable 2020, I am just so thankful for everything I have in life, especially my family. So, I’ll keep it really simple and begin 2021 with a prayer for everyone’s good health, peace and love. Thankfully, my family is here with me and we’ll spend this time together in laughter and love.”

Virtual celebration

Jonita Gandhi, singer, has had a hectic year with three back-to-back films for which she sang. Her celebrations are much in tandem with the need of this time. “This New Year’s Eve, I’ll be celebrating virtually with friends and family.”

It will be a house-party for newlywed Ranjha Vikram. “We will party with friends at home. I want to avoid clubs for obvious reasons, but Simran and I plan to go to Maldives in January.”

We’ll get to see the cook in singer Madhav Mahajan taking lead on December 31! “I prefer working on New Year’s Eve, so all these years I have performed at some or the other event. But this year I prefer to keep my friends and family safe. I totally respect the government guidelines. So, in all probability, I would be at home with my close friends and family. I am a good cook, so I will make something special for them.”

For Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride, a year with so much happening globally. “I will be working on New Year’s Eve. My resolution for 2021 is to be happy and positive. I would rather prefer to hop from one set to another than be deprived of the joy of shooting.”

As for actor Amit Sadh, “May be an early dinner with my friends. It’s just another day for me. I guess I will be starting my day early at 6 o’clock with a jog, with a prayer for the world to heal, for a better life and health for everyone. My New Year resolution is to be more disciplined and consistent.”

For actress Anupriya Goenka, 2020 has been a mixed bag of emotions. She says, “I haven’t made a plan just yet as I might be shooting. I think it will be a quiet time with the family if I am home.”

Actor Himansh Kohli is heading to Mussoorie with a friend. “In 2021, my first plan is to cut down on all those extra calories.”

As the most extraordinary of years draws to a close, let’s have some fun!

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