Indian-American actress Aneesha Madhok to have a good time Hanukkah

Indian-American actress Aneesha Madhok is all geared up to celebrate the Jewish festival of Hanukkah today (December 10). Aneesha says that she has always celebrated the festival and it holds a lot of significance for her. Says Aneesha, “Hannukah is also a festival that is celebrated by Indians but not everyone knows that there are Jews in India. I like to celebrate all the festivals in India — from Eid to Holi to Hannukah.”

Explaining the relevance of the festival, Aneesha adds, “It’s an eight-day festival where each day we light a candle. So, there are a total of eight candles. The candle is kept by the window as that is a metaphor for sharing your light with others.”

Ask her what she loves to eat on Hanukkah and she says, “The original famous Jewish Matzo ball soup has an Indian flavour with spices and turmeric. We love our spices!”

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