In disguise

Aniruudh Dave, who is currently playing the role of Raghav Jaiswal in Lockdown Ki Love Story, has recently donned a girl’s look in the show. He says, “It was a demand of the scene; I wanted to meet my fiancée but there was no way I could, so a female’s disguise was the only way out for Raghav, my character. I totally enjoyed the experience while shooting, though I just had to drape the saree. My voice was not feminine. As an actor, I enjoy every new thing I do in front of the camera. As an artiste it is my responsibility to give everything to the role. I am happy that the audience is liking our show.”

Aniruddh says his female look reminds him of Akshay Kumar in the movie Laxmii. The actor says, “I was remembering Akshay Kumar sir’s performance in Laxmii while doing

the scene.” 

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