I’m sorted in my head, says actor Rajat Barmecha

When a series comes back with a second season, do you feel there is more responsibility on an actor to recreate the success?

After the first season, I feel, there is less tension for an actor. In Season 1 you need to build up the character and in the second season it’s already served to you on a platter. We have seen to it that the audience gets something new. That is our responsibility.

What is new in this season?

I am not giving out much as that will kill the suspense! In Season 1 Tarun had gone through a lot of personal and professional problems. In this season, there will be more problems with higher frequencies.

Are you a method actor?

I feel I am not. I love spontaneous acting. For me the character build-up is the main thing. Season 1 director Shashank Ghosh once told me that I was a mix of both method and discipline.

The shooting of Hey Prabhu started just after the unlock phase in India. It must have been a unique experience.

We started shooting in July-August when we were still figuring out how to take this forward in the midst of the pandemic. Initially, it was difficult as we used to see people roaming on the sets with PPE kits and there were strict guidelines. But gradually things started falling in place.

The series has a great ensemble cast – right from Achint Kaur to Grusha Kapoor. How was it working with all of them?

It was a great experience. I am 32 now and there are actors in this series who are working for 30 years now. The amount of work they have done is amazing. I remember I was working for something with Seema Pahwa and she was telling how there was no culture of vanity vans earlier. And now we cannot even think about shooting without an exclusive vanity van.

You work quite less. Are you choosy?

Yes, you can say that. When Udaan was released I was 21. I was quite sorted in my head about what I wanted to do. There were similar offers after that which I did not want to do. I did not want to go wrong. And then the web-scene happened and luckily, I got some great projects.

You are also into writing. Are you planning to make a film as well?

When I was working in Udaan, I was given a notepad and a pen. I used to scribble my thoughts and since then it’s been 11 years of writing. Vikramaditya Motwane, who directed Udaan and his mother Deepa Aunty once told me that if you are not getting a role you want to play then create it. I have completed a script during the lockdown and now I am showing this to my close friends for feedback.

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