I’m open to unlearning: Vijayendra Kumeria

The teaser of your new show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha has garnered an overwhelming response and the expectations are very high. Does that put pressure on you?

People have liked the promos and the reviews are great and I am happy about this. But I never take pressure for any project as I believe taking pressure just affects your performance.

You’re looking the part of a visually impaired guy. Did you watch any films as part of your preparation for the role?

Honestly, I did watch Sparsh, Scent of a Woman and some more films to see how different actors have performed as visually impaired characters. I have tried to pick the body language. But if you ask me about the performance part, I portrayed the character in my own unique way.

Your character of Darsh in the show seems soft yet strong. What is the best compliment you’ve got for it?

One common compliment I received from the cast and crew is that I look exactly like a visually impaired guy while doing the scenes and that their heart goes to Darsh.

Tell us about your experience of working with Narayani Shastri, who’s playing your mother in the show.

We didn’t know each other but from the first scene itself the mother-son chemistry came out well. She is a very good actor and we like to do scenes in an organic manner.

How was it working with leading lady Richa Rathore?

Richa is a hardworking girl and whatever little work we have done together has come out well. She is doing a good job as Nandini and I am hopeful that people will like our chemistry.

In real life, you come across as an introvert. Is it true?

No, my looks are deceptive.

What are your strengths as an actor?

I am very passionate about whatever I do and I am always open to unlearning and learning. These are my strengths.

The TV industry has bounced back post-lockdown. What are your views on this?

The demand for TV might have got affected but it will always be around. Post lockdown it took a little time for the industry to adjust to the new normal but eventually we managed to prevail.

Content is the king on TV, do you agree?

Content is the king on any medium. You give the consumer what they enjoy and that’s the mantra.

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