I’m nonetheless alive, says Rakhi Sawant

How has Bigg Boss changed your life since you participated in the show many years ago?

We were greenhorns at that point of time. We didn’t have any idea about the reality show. This show made me. Whatever I am today, I owe a lot to Bigg Boss. People got to know about Rakhi Sawant and the fact that she is the real entertainer through this show.

What do you have to say about the current season of Bigg Boss?

I feel all the participants are fighting in the house but where is the entertainment? People love to see celebrities fighting with each other and only the real fights garner more attention.

What is your strategy as you enter the house?

I can’t talk about that because people who will come after me will know my game plan. I will be in action inside the house.

How do you see Salman Khan as a host?

He is the ultimate host of Bigg Boss. He loves; scolds and guides participants according to the situation, and that’s the sign of a great host.

According to you who is the strongest contestant in Bigg Boss house at the moment?

Rubina Dilaik is quite strong.

What will you miss the most from the outside world?

Actually nothing. I want to give my entire energy to this show. I consider this as my second innings here. I am going to win the trophy and let my fans know that I am still alive.

How are you going to stay calm inside the Bigg Boss house?

I will not stay calm. If I am angry, I will show it. I will show my real emotions there.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding your marriage. What is the truth?

Yes, I am married. But my husband doesn’t want to come in the limelight, what I can do? I have told him if Salman Khan calls, you have to come. Let’s see how it goes.

You are quite vocal on social media. Have you faced any threats there?

Yes, there have been some bad experiences which I will speak of inside the Bigg Boss house.

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