I’m good at intense roles, says Prateik Chaudhary

What is your role in the web series Becharey?

I essay the character of a Bhojpuri man named Vicky, who is a big fan of Ravi Kishan and wants to become an actor. Essaying the character was really challenging and I also had to gain weight for the role.

What kind of characters interest you and why?

All kinds of characters interest me. But if I have to choose the kind of roles that I enjoy portraying, then I would say I am good at doing intense roles and comedies.

Are you a director’s actor or do you enjoy adding your touch to a character?

Some directors have their own vision; they know what they want and what is best, so in that case I trust the director and do exactly as told.

How easy or difficult it is for an actor to say yes or no to projects?

Whether the part is small or big, positive or negative, everything has something new to offer.So, the choice that an actor makes is very important. And whatever role one chooses, he or she should just enjoy doing it. Saying no to work at times is difficult, but it’s good to follow your heart.

What kind of reality shows do you want to do?

I would love to do Khatron Ke Khiladi for the adventure it offers. It is a very prestigious show and Rohit Shetty as an anchor is amazing. It adds to your brand value.

Are you active on social media platforms?

Yes, I like social media but at the same time I don’t over-do it. I generally post about my fitness, healthy diet and life goals.

Your advice to newcomers?

I would advise that you stay tough when faced with challenges and hurdles! There was a time when I had no money to even survive a single day. So hang in there, believe in yourself, and just don’t stop!

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