I’m an optimistic individual, says actor Amal Sherawat

All our plans for the next few months have been indefinitely put on hold due to the deadly coronavirus that the world is trying to fight. Amal Sherawat says that he has learnt that everything happens according to destiny. “The lockdown has taught us that you can’t plan anything. So, there is nothing which is in the hand of humans. Whenever God wants something, our entire planning goes for a toss,” he says.

Amal adds, “I am an optimistic person; I always try to look at the brighter side of situations. I also engage myself in activities that I enjoy a lot. They keep me motivated and happy. Attitude of gratitude is very important in life. Time flies and the time once wasted never returns. We must know who are the people who matter to us and will stand by us at all times.”

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