I stay within the current, says actress Priyamvada Kant

How has been the experience of working with the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai team?

Both Mohsin and Shivangi are wonderful co-stars. They warmly welcomed me on the show and have been very supportive. Rajan Shahi ji is amazing. He has kept everyone together. The entire cast and crew is like a big family.

Do daily soaps on TV need to evolve?

I feel TV is already going through an evolution right now, as interesting content that appeals to the masses is being made. It’s a huge industry that provides employment to innumerable people. Daily soaps are like dal chawal and have a loyal audience!

How was it being part of the reality show Splitsvilla?

Doing the show was a spur-of-the-moment decision that turned out to be a good learning experience. The reality show helped me understand human psychology better, especially why people behave or react in a certain manner.

If not an actor, what would you have been and why?

If not an actor, I would have been an Odissi dancer. At some point, I also wanted to direct.

What does spirituality mean to you?

I’m spiritual, but not in a conventional way. When you train as a classical dancer, it involves 17 years of discipline, sadhana, which is a spiritual journey. Spirituality means living peacefully accompanied by positive thoughts.

What is the philosophy of your life?

My philosophy is to spread love and happiness. I believe one shouldn’t judge others. The other thing I believe in is to live and let live.

What has the pandemic taught you?

Since I had got a little more time at hand, I started meditating and that’s something I go back to whenever I feel restless. Meditation is something that we all should try.

What is your idea of peace and happiness now?

I believe in forgiveness. I don’t hold grudges and let go of things. I try not to think about bad things and what happened in the past. Everyone had a reason to behave the way they did. So it’s best to let it go. I live in the present. And, I enjoy my work and love gorging on good food.

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