‘I select to not take stress, says Sucheta Khanna

What is so special about your character?

My role in the show is pretty different from whatever I have done so far. Bijli Devi is a different kind of matriarch altogether. She wears these oversized glasses of different colours and is very fond of speaking in English, mind you her English is mostly wrong. This is a complete and happy shift for me as an actor.

Do you relate to your character?

Bijli Devi is nothing like me in real life. I am very simple and my life is quite basic. But Bijli Devi is highly ambitious and wants all good things in life. She wants everything to be larger-than-life and I am completely the opposite.

The best compliment you got so far for your role?

I’ve been told that I’m looking very good and performing well. Many loved my khujli (itching) dance as well. But I guess it’s too early to say anything because the show has recently gone on air.

What do you think about the title of the show?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the horror angle, that there is a ghost or something in the show. And I am neither denying nor accepting the same. I don’t want to reveal much or else the interest would be lost.

Are you scared of ghosts?

I don’t know if there are ghosts. I am more scared of dark places than ghosts. Every time I am in a dark room or something it feels like someone is around me, so I usually avoid dark spaces.

Jijaji Chhat Parr Hai was a hit show. Is there an added pressure to live up to the expectations in this recreated version?

Jijaji Chhat Parr Hai Season 1 was a hit and the pressure would naturally be there. But whether I should take it or not depends on me and I choose not to think about it.

What are the challenges that an actor faces while approaching this genre?

To make people laugh is definitely very challenging. Timing is extremely important, you also need to get the right expression, be at the right place, even writing, direction, editing everything must be perfect, and in sync.

How is it shooting in the new normal?

It’s definitely different and difficult. This is my second show after Covid-19 lockdown. Unlike earlier times, now every sneeze scares us. 

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