‘I search for good actors’

Livtar Singh, who made his directorial debut with Punjabi film UnniIkki, is all set to take up his next film Fikar Karo Na, which will be shot in United Kingdom. He speaks about the film andhis future plans

What made you cast theatre artistes like Jagjeet Sandhu and Sawan Rupowali in your first film Unni Ikki? Tell us about your experience of working with them…

I always wanted to work with theatre actors like Jagjeet Sandhu and Sawan Rupowali for my debut film. It has been a good working experience with these stars in Unni Ikki. Both are talented actors.

Due to the pandemic you could not start Fikar Karo Na. As you are all set to start shooting in UK ,can you share some details?

First of all,let me tell you that it is a romantic comedy featuring Harry Sidhu, SartajBrar and BN Sharma. Sartaj is the daughter of Raj Brar. The film has a good script. And for its shooting we are going to London. Everything has been finalised.

What is the most heartening aspect of Fikar Karo Na?

The film will highlight the importance of family relations when you are going through some tough time.

With many top class videos in your kitty, how different has been the experience of working in films?

Technically, both are different but creative processes. As a director, my job is to tell a story with powerful punches

How do you think social media can help a celebrity?

Social media directly connects a celebrity to his fans.

As a director what do you look for?

I look for good actors, fresh content and locations to shoot.

What is the one quality that helped you become a good director?

My writing skills.

What kind of homework do you do for a film?

I visualise the full script in my mind before the shoot.

Do you follow a fitness regime?

Not, but I always try to keep myself fit.

How do you choose your actors?

I choose actors according to characters in the script.

What has been your biggest learning from Pollywood?

I have learnt how to make a good film in a compact budget.

What is the philosophy you live by?

Do good, have good.

What kind of films would you like to experiment with in the future?


– Dharam Pal

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