I really like being below stress: Parth Samthaan

How will you describe the title Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu!?

The title itself is quite powerful. My character wants to say I have arrived and I am here to stay. So that’s basically an announcement to the world.

The show is based in the Mumbai of 90s. Is it the story about Abu Salem?

Not really. This is a fictional character and the series is based on incidents of 80s and 90s in Mumbai. It’s a very stylish character, which has a connection with Hindi films and the mafia world.

Everyone is talking about your look in the series. How did you prepare for it?

I have grown my hair and that was quite a process for me. It’s a very different transformationfor me. Maintaining long hair in summer is a difficult ball-game.

Every time you appear on screen, there is a lot of expectation. How do you deal with the pressure?

I love being under pressure. In the series also I had to speak a lot of dialogues, which is very hero-like. I felt it was being unnatural. But that was the way my character was designed. He is the best amongst the lot. So, every time before the scene I had to push myself. I had to deliver my best.

What role has Ekta Kapoor played in your career so far?

She plays a huge role in my career. She has seen my fans’ genuine love for me and has always appreciated that. I truly respect the way Ekta works every day in so many projects, whether it is a TV show, webseries or film. That shows her dedication towards her craft and that motivates me as well.

You have started working in a film now. Would you like to talk about it?

It’s in the pre-production stage now. Can’t comment much. Soon I will start shooting for it.

So, television will take a backseat now?

Right now, yes. I am focusing more on the other medium now.

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