I might like to promote romance: Krishna Bhatt

The daughter of filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, Krishna Bhatt is out to create a legacy of her own! She talks about her upcoming projects, including Twister 3, Maya 4 and more

You are carrying the legacy of Vikram Bhatt. Do you feel any extra pressure?

I think where there is a legacy, there is always a pressure to live up to the name, to live upto the talent that has come with the name. I don’t want to be known as Vikram Bhatt’s daughter. I want to see a day when people will say Vikram Bhatt is Krishna Bhatt’s father. I work hard every day to make that happen.

You started assisting your father quite early. What is your biggest learning from him?

I was very young when I started and the biggest learning from him is never give up. Before 1920, my father had a series of flop films and he always used to tell me life is like a boxing ring and you are a player. You will fall on the ground, the key is for you to get up and face the blow. It is very inspiring to see my father getting back in action after so many flops.

Your father has successfully created a genre for horror films. Will you be making films in the same genre?

My father has created a niche for himself. He is best at thriller and horror. For me it’s more drama and romance. I love playing with emotions; I would love to sell romance, friendship through my work and I guess that distinguishes me from my father.

What is the USP of Twisted 3?

It’s new and fresh. This is very different from the other two. It’s going to be a fun ride. The twists and turns are the USP.

You are also shooting for Maya 4. How tough is it for you to manage everything?

It’s not that tough. Initially it was, but not anymore. Shooting with masks and PPE kits is difficult, but after a while you forget everything and focus on your work. As a director I need to break the barrier, what is life without a challenge?

What is your idea of unwinding?

I love to read books and watch something on TV. I love to switch off from the world and take a nap.

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