I like to waft: Akshita Mudgal

What made you say ‘yes’ to a show like Ishk Par Zor Nahi?

I didn’t think twice about saying yes to this young love story, where my character itself has Ishk in its name! The show is revisiting the classic romance trope of ‘opposites attract’ in its own sweet and fresh way.

Can you decode the character of Ishqi for us?

Ishqi is vivacious, modern, strong-headed and optimistic. She has this catch-phrase ‘Ishqi is very risky’, which is so cute. She is also all about love; you see the name has Ishk in it!The character exudes self-confidence, resolve and independence of thought.

How is this role different from anything that you have done before?

I would say every character is unique. While there are certainly some aspects about a character that feel familiar, there is also a novelty with each role. Ishqi is very different because of her take on situations and the way she reacts. Apart from being a chirpy and happy-go-lucky girl, she’s also very strong-headed and opinionated.

Do you relate to Ishqi and her traits?

Yes, I do. Because she’s modern and yet has those basic values, which makes her an endearing character to play. However, there’s a difference in how Ishqi makes decisions; she tends to get a little impulsive, which I don’t.

Did you have any inspiration to essay this role?

I didn’t require any major inspiration and didn’t have to intensely prepare as such. I was just being myself and let the spontaneity take over on the sets. Thankfully, even my director encourages the same. I go with the flow.

How has the experience of shooting been so far?

It’s like my family on the sets.The entire cast and production unit are absolutely delightful people. Working with this team has been a wonderful experience so far.

How is your rapport with co-star Param Singh?

Most of my scenes are with Param and his family. Param is such a great guy! He’s co-operative, understanding and goes out of his way to help us. I love to annoy him a lot, but he takes it so sweetly.

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