I like my journey, says actress Bhumika Chheda

Did you always want to become an actor?

Yes. I always loved performing on stage right from school. In fact, I had written a letter to my parents that I wanted to act even when I was 14! I couldn’t muster the courage to tell them on the face, but they both agreed.

What were the struggles that you faced?

I used to travel from my hometown, Dahanu, to Mumbai, give auditions and go back. I took a break for college and resumed again. I gradually got good roles to play. I feel if you love your job, and you have the passion for it, then nothing else matters. I love my journey!

Do you believe the fact that only doing lead characters bring growth in your career?

That’s not true at all. There have been many characters who were not leads, but stole the show and Pankaj Tripathi sir is a big example. But, of course, when it comes to visibility, I feel lead charcacters have a better scope.

Don’t you fear that you might get typecast?

I don’t fear being typecast because I feel the opportunities these days are vast; it is up to you how you wish to mould a character and project it on screen.

Do you think social media plays a major role in today’s generation?

I feel social media is a boon if used for the right purpose and within limits. A lot of people get into trolling and shaming others without knowing that they’re causing a lot of damage to somebody’s mental health. But of course, social media has created more jobs!

Is it an addiction?

Social media definitely can be an addiction. These days, people rarely interact in person. The source of communication has gone more virtual than verbal.

What is your game plan for social media?

I am not somebody who thinks twice before posting anything. None of my social media feed is planned. I would like people to consider me as one amongst them. So if I plan and put posts, I don’t think people would relate to me.

Have you ever faced trolls?

I have never faced trolls. But if I were then I wouldn’t have been affected. But I think it can leave a bad impact on younger minds.

What type of roles do you want to do?

I would love to do roles that offer varied emotions; it would only be a challenge for me as an actor and I love taking them up.

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