‘I had a standard childhood, says Ahsaas Channa

There are a lot of expectations from the second season. How are you feeling?

I agree people have expectations and we have worked really hard to not let anyone down. When we were doing the first season we never expected that people would like our series so much. But now we have a lot of pressure.

What will be the difference between the first and second season?

In the first season, it was all new as the characters were settling down. The second season is much more intense and the characters will be explored with a lot more depth. Also, we have touched many topics which are related to life.

Both your parents are from the industry. Was acting always on your mind?

Since quite an early age, I wanted to act. I used to remember all the dialogues of Sholay and Ajnabee and my mother actually saw the spark in me. And she was the one who actually took me for auditions and that’s how I started doing commercials and then films.

As you have started early in your life, did you miss out on anything?

Not really. I was as normal as the other children. I have never gone for any private schooling. I always went to school and had to manage my shoots also. I have also learnt karate, Kathak and swimming. I have got a lot of support from my mother as she used to manage and guide me.

You are quite active on social media. How much time do you devote to that?

I love my social media page and I love to put stuff there. Whether it is about my work or any creative things. I have a good number of followers and I love to entertain them. I am quite attached to my phone and I am not ashamed of that. But yes, there are times when I do phone detox and stay away from social media.

How do you spend a lazy day?

If I am not working, I just love to stay at home and chill. I spend time with my mother and also watch films and read books.

Which character is closest to your heart?

There are many. But Richa from Girls Hostel is quite close to me. And also Shivangi from Kota Factory.

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