I get pleasure from performing and anchoring, says Rannvijay Singha

You have been hosting shows for many years, do you still need to prepare?

I try to understand the format of the show and also the background of the contestants. I go through their stories so that I am ready when I am interacting with them. For The Player Hunt I had to learn about Poker. I also followed the international players. There is an expert team and I gathered a lot of information from them.

How comfortable were you taking up a show on Poker?

If I know something is right, then I believe in that. When I started hosting Roadies there were lot of different views but I stood by my conviction. My idea is to break the myth. I myself play Poker and love it.

This game also has a following in Bollywood. Who do you think can play this game?

You need to control your emotions. You don’t have to give out the game. Actors like Harman Baweja are quite good at this game.

MTV Roadies has recently concluded. How was your experience this year?

It was great. We started last year in March. We shot half of the show and then the lockdown happened. Last September we resumed shooting and have completed the show with many precautions and guidelines.

How has your daughter changed your life? Are you a hands-on dad?

I try to spend the maximum time with her. Doing normal things like going for a walk, rolling out on the grass, making art and craft, taking her to farms and feeding animals — I try to do everything with her. Kids do learn things from their parents and surroundings. She is growing up wonderfully. We are very grateful to have her in our life.

Would you be acting more than anchoring now?

I love both in different capacities. Before Mismatched, I acted in Pukaar which was an action series. I enjoy acting and anchoring both.

Who has been your inspiration?

I have said this many times, when we look for inspiration we should look at our surroundings. My grandparents are my inspiration. Both of them came from a very humble background and my grandfather had to do many odd jobs before joining the Army.

What is on your wish-list?

I just want to be a good human being and spend more time with my family.

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