‘I do get spooked out’

Is this your first supernatural show? What made you experiment with the genre?

Yes, it is my first show in the supernatural genre. From all the interesting and intriguing experiences that I have heard about shooting for supernatural dramas, I am really excited and eager to venture into this journey.

How is the second season of Brahmarakshas different from the first?

The story and characters are quite different in the second season. In this show, Brahmarakshas is returning once again, but this time with more power. His motive is not just to seek revenge but to emerge as the most powerful being and thus he gets ready to fight an ordinary mortal unaware of her strength and determination.

Tell us more about your character.

I am playing Kalindi, who is a strong headed individual and is determined to protect her loved ones and will fight a gruelling battle of good versus evil with the Brahmarakshas.

Are you someone who gets scared of supernatural powers?

I have been intrigued by supernatural concepts and characters. While shooting for it might not really scare me, I do get spooked out watching supernatural or horror movies, especially if I am alone.

Shooting has resumed with new guidelines. Tell us about your shoot experience and shooting with Balaji?

I have had a great time with the whole crew since shooting began. It is exciting shooting with Balaji since it is my first with them.

You are planning on completing your graduation along with this show. How will you manage both?

Yes, I had planned on pursuing psychology prior to receiving an offer for this character. However, realising the importance of both, I am now planning on pursuing a part-time course in business administration while shooting alongside for the show. I look forward to owning a business of my own few years down the line and hence I have taken this decision.

What are your upcoming projects?

Right now my focus is only on Brahmarakshas 2 and I hope that the show will entertain viewers and they will enjoy watching it.

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