I can look strict and mild on the identical time, says actor Tarun Khanna

What made you shift your focus from TV to web?

It’s the role that made me say yes. For me the biggest criterion for selecting a story is how important is my character.

Tell us about your role…

My character is of a CBI cop named Rajveer Sheekhawat. He is one of the lead characters. He is the one who unfolds the mystery and audience will see the story through his eyes. The character’s personality is a righteous guy and that’s what I loved about the character.

Did you do any special preparations for this role?

Well, I have played a cop earlier in the movie Dishoom. I know I have a personality which can be very strict and gentle at the same time. So, in some sense I was already getting trained.

There are so many actors who are playing cops in films and series these days. How do you think your role will stand out?

Every human being is different from the other and hence everyone’s portrayal of the character of a cop is according to his mind-set. Secondly, most on-screen cops follow a set rule book and certain regulations. My character of Rajveer will be seen more inclined towards the reality. Actually, I was given a freehand by the director.

Fans have mostly seen you as Lord Shiva. Do you think it will be little difficult for them to see you in a different avatar?

I really hope people love this character of Rajveer and also accept the transition. What I did as Mahadev was for a different audience and with the role of Rajveer, I am focusing on some other segment.

What have been your biggest achievements so far?

Getting the appreciation from the viewers is a special reward, but when people within your industry appreciate your work, it feels great. By this appreciation I do not mean telly awards and all. The biggest reward and appreciation is when the audiences like your work and the producers want to work with you again and again.

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