I at all times float, says actress Mita Vashisht

  • Theatre is going digital. What is your take on it?

I don’t know if theatre can go digital. If a play is shot with a camera, it would make a bad movie. Theatre is made for a live audience and it should be like that always. At the most, we can come out of the auditorium and stage our plays in open space. That will be ideal during this pandemic situation. I believe theatre is about performance and not about technology.

  • People have become inclined towards the OTT space. Do you feel that can be a threat to stage plays?

When cinema came, we thought theatre would die. But it went on and no other form of entertainment can take its place.

  • How will you define your role?

I loved the role of Durgeshwari. It’s a well- written play and the role is versatile. This kind of role gives you creative satisfaction. The play speaks about prejudices.

  • Which are your favourite roles?

There are many; Var Var Vari, Kasba with Kumar Sahani, Idiot and Siddheshwari with Mani Kaul; Pachpan Khambe Lal Deewarein, Swabhiman and also recently my character in Your Honor. I loved all these roles. Also, a small role in Criminal Justice which I loved to essay and then a music video titled Mann ke Manjeeré.

  • What is your source of inspiration?

I believe to be an actor you need to first finish your basic education. You have to be a graduate at least. I have done my MA in English and then I have done theatre for four years. You need to have knowledge of every small detail.

  • Apart from acting, what would you like to do?

I have already directed a film titled She Of The Four Names in 2012 and also one of my films is in post-production now. It is about Natyasastra and Mani Kaul.

  • What do you do to keep yourself positive?

I have always lived my life in a manner where I don’t know what will be my next step. I go with the flow. I have faith in my talent and I believe there is positivity in the universe. Yes, there are uncertainties in life but one has to be positive.

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