Huge B will get his second shot

Amitabh Bachchan has got his second shot of the Covid vaccine. Big B took to his social media account and shared a picture of himself getting the shot. Later on, taking to his blog, he further updated about the relief work that he has been doing. He shared that 10 ventilators were delivered and 50 oxygen concentrators were on the way on May 15.

The actor further informed that the six ventilators went to BMC. He wrote, “Under the request of its Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal, who has done great innovative work in controlling the spread of the virus in the city, by bringing down the numbers. I shall be requesting the BMC to let me have a report on the delivery, the setting up and the functioning of these machines at the allocated locations, so we can keep a record of their proper usage.”

Furthermore, he added that the first consignment of 50 oxygen concentrators “ordered and bought” by him will be landing in Delhi at 6 am on May 16. He wrote, “The first consignment of the 50 oxygen concentrators ordered and bought by me from Poland should be on a plane as I write, and shall be landing in Delhi by 6 am tomorrow morning, on the Polish Airline…”

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