Himesh Reshammiya talks concerning the new season of Indian Idol

What is it about Indian Idol that it still enjoys so much popularity?

Indian Idol covers the complete journey – from a raw singer to a superstar. Sunny Hindustani, who learnt singing only by listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ji, went on to win Indian Idol Season 11. Salman Ali, who came from a family that had trouble making ends meet, went on to win Indian Idol Season 10 with his hard work.These are great examples of what Indian Idol is all about.

What would you like to say about the global popularity of Indian music?

Indian music is definitely leaving its mark globally. Globally Indian Music and Indian artistes are getting the recognition they deserve because of their outstanding work.

What according to you is the best part of our music and what are the areas which you think need improvement?

The best part about the Indian music industry is that there is a huge market and all kinds of music co-exist. We have also taken our sound designing to the next level. However, composers need to step out of their comfort zones and not follow the trend. I have always been against the tide in terms of my music and it has excelled. Composers need to be a little less insecure and go all out with their music.

K-Pop band BTS was seen dancing on one of your popular tracks Hookah Bar, the video of which has gone viral. Your comment…

Yes, I have seen their video as they danced on my song; it was fun to watch. I am very happy that many of my songs are going viral.

On the movies’ front, what is your next project?

I am starting the sequel of Xpose soon and, of course, there is Namaste Rome where Javed Sahab and I are collaborating after Namaste London. The dialogues of Xpose had gone viral because of Ravi Kumar’s character, which hit the right notes.

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