Himansh Kohli opens up on cyberbullying and trolls

Trolling or online bullying has become the most common. Though everyone faces it in their lifetime, you see its worst picture if you are a celebrity. Actor Himansh Kohli says, “There’s no denying the fact that cyberbullying exists. Earlier, people didn’t have access to anyone and everyone, now you can say anything to anyone with the press of a button. Today, I’m talking about this topic, and tomorrow I might get trolled again. But, it’s a sad reality that social media is more about making fun of someone rather than appreciating them.”

The actor has been a victim of cyberbullying himself and adds, “A couple of comments can ruin your day, give you sleepless nights. Sometimes the intention is not bad, people might just want to roast, or troll or make a meme, but it becomes a trend and everyone starts making fun, and some take it too far.”

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